Why Reformed Theological College?

RTC  has a vision to make students well equipped with the word of God and a high level of academic training to bring the world back to God with the power of the Holy Spirit wherever they are sent.

Come and experience the life-changing moments at RTC!

• Its Interdenominational Diversity and Unity.

• Its missionary vision and Intercessory prayer.

• RTC aims at Academic Excellence fostered by qualified lecturers and other staff.

• RTC’s Library is equipped with up to date contemporary Textbooks and sufficient Reference Books.

• Its Devotional life that gives students opportunity for Spiritual growth.

Reformed Theological College (RTC) is a private education institution. RTC is located in a village called Kisigula – Bunamwaya in the vicinity of Kampala the capital city of Uganda. RTC was founded in 1994, by a missionary couple from South Korea, with the AIM of developing Christian leaders for the great lakes region of Africa. Hence RTC emphasizes on equipping leaders with vital spirituality, missionary oriented and community relevance.

About 100 students study at the stationary college in Kisigula annually, in the following departments:  Theology, Early Childhood Education, School of Music & Worship. Another 100 students per annum study at RTC Extension called Christian Leadership Institute (CLI), which is based in local church.